We're the local strategic communications agency for the social sector



The creative communications shop for your charity or social enterprise

Boca Media is in business to help clients keep a cool head and carry on communicating. 2020 has marked a new decade and a new way of engaging socially and professionally.  
Like so many small organisations we’re finding creative ways to continue our work. We support clients out of their comfort zone and help them remain part of relevant social sector conversations. These may be about what’s next; how can stakeholders and end users continue to benefit from services; how can business as usual remain consistent amid so much uncertainty?
Two decades of expertise in media management and creating compelling narratives allow us to offer tangible benefits to clients in adult social care, arts, education, healthcare, housing and homelessness. We can tell your story and raise your public profile by listening to your communications needs, discussing options, and working collaboratively with you.
Initial consultations are free of charge and without obligation. Your privacy is a priority. Get in touch to tell us about your organisation and your direction of travel. We’ll help you build impactful communications.